Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board

You can view the entire Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Schedule at https://autodealers.ohio.gov/index.aspx#gsc.tab=0

Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealers Board

The Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealers Board conducts hearings regarding the issuance, suspension, or revocation of Ohio dealer licenses. They also
interpret Ohio motor vehicle dealer laws and create new rules.

The Motor Vehicle Dealers Board consists of 11 members and is part of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. One member is associated with the Bureau of Motor vehicles and serves as the Executive Officer of the board.

The other 10 members are appointed by the Ohio Governor then confirmed by the Ohio Senate. Ohio law requires the board includes one member to have sold used motor vehicles, one member to have sold recreational vehicles, three that have been engaged in the sale of new motor vehicles, two must have been engaged in the leasing of motor vehicles, and three members must be from the general public having never sold retail vehicles in the state of Ohio. Not more than five of the ten members other than the registrar shall be of any one political party. Each member term is three
years. R.C. 4517.30

Every five years all dealer license administrative codes are reviewed by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Board. All administrative codes that have been reviewed are then shared with stakeholders for comment on any amendments the board has proposed or any changes you as the stakeholder would like to submit. R.C. 4517.32

All proposed administrative code changes and information is always posted on the dealer licensing website under the “Latest News” section. Please be advised there are various deadlines for this process that the BMV must
adhere to, therefore make sure to visit the dealer licensing website often for up to date information.

Dealer License Denial, Suspension, & Revocation

If your Ohio dealer’s license, or a salesperson’s license, has been denied, suspended, or revoked, you may file an appeal with the Motor Vehicle
Dealer Board. The appeal must be filed, in writing, within 30 days of the denial, suspension, or revocation. If the appeal is not filed within 30 days
the order will be final and conclusive.

All appeals must be in writing and verified under oath by the applicant 56 whose application for license has been denied, and must set forth the
reason for the appeal. R.C. 4517.33

If the applicant has been convicted of a fraudulent act relating to selling motor vehicles the application can be denied. A.C. 4501:1-3-09
The board may investigate any license holder for alleged violations of the law or of the rules of the board. If the investigation discloses any such violations, the license holder will be informed that reasonable grounds for suspension or revocation of the license exist. A.C. 4501:1-3-13

The board may also investigate the license holder when they receive a written complaint against the dealer that a violation of laws or rules of the
board have been committed. A.C. 4501:1-3-13

The BMV will make the decision if the violations are consent worthy and send to the board for approval. If the license holder is offered a consent agreement that has been agreed upon by the board then they will receive the consent agreement. A.C. 4501:1-3-14

If the board rejects or modifies the proposed consent agreement terms the dealer will have the right to an administrative hearing. When the board finds reasonable grounds to issue a citation the board will send
a "Notice of Opportunity for Hearing" by certified mail to the license holder. The notice will specify the alleged violation and will inform the
licensee of his/her right to request a hearing. A.C. 4501:1-3-15

If you fail to respond to "Notice of Opportunity for Hearing" within thirty days, the board may consider the charges as proven and may, in its discretion and without a hearing, suspend or revoke the license.

Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board