Ohio Dealers License Class Reviews

This course is a must attend and would have attended even if not required. Extremely informative, fast paced dealer course. Learned so very much. Thank you. I now fell better prepared to enter the next phase of my business, the dealership phase.
Annastacia Warren
B&S Automotive Sales
Amelia, Ohio

The dealer course was amazing! I learned alot and all of my questions were answered. I feel ready and adequately prepared to open my dealership. I will recommend this dealer class to everyone involved in this process to come learn something from the Expert!
Michael Williams
Blacklick, Ohio

Very informative. Learned a lot that I did not know before. Now I feel confident about helping my dealers with compliance and laws. Thank you for letting me sit in.
Amy Thornton
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Inspector (criminal investigator)

I just finished my Dealer training with Delus Johnson. He was awesome on every topic and more . He definitely Taught me a lot on the car business industry and more . Awesome job Delus. I most definitely recommend him for this course of training. Thank you very much Delus.
Ahmad iwais
Cleveland, Ohio

really enjoyed this course! It was filled with so much valuable information, that I was actually able to share it with some friends, already. I’m looking forward to getting our dealership started and feel a lot more confident in what we need to do to get started and knowing that there are so many places we can turn to when questions arise. Thank you!!
Jessica Hooper
Ashland, Ohio

Very helpful easy to handle and easy to take
Campbell, Ohio

Very very good.thank you for all the work
Asaad Alhawshabi
Cleveland, Ohio

I felt the course was easy to understand. I like how you go over the forms so it makes a better understanding on how they are filled out. In the beginning first couple units I was bored only because I already know this information since I have several businesses already but as the course progressed I was given new information that interested me. Do not take that as you need to change because if I had nevered had businesses before this is very helpful information to know. Especially since there are lots of websites that charge you a 299.00 fee to get an EIN when IRS does it free. Fortunately I have never been fooled into this. Great job on the course.
shannon marsco
Youngstown, Ohio

highly recommend this dealer training course . It was very convenient and I was able to rewind the video back if I didn't understand or missed something . The instructor is very easy to follow and I learned everything I needed to start my business and stay in compliance.
Donald Cain
Sugar Groves, Ohio

Great course! I’ve been in the car business for almost 30 years! I thought I knew everything in the business but I sure didn’t. The course was easy to navigate and very very informative! Certainly a must have course! Thank you so much!!
Troy Brock
Washington CH, Ohio

Greetings first of all, I would like to say that this course was one of the best things that any dealer should take and I believe that all dealers should go over these things from time to time, for they are a great tool for every dealer to have I believe it gives me a great start, and the knowledge that came along with it Super and it was a blessing to take this course. Thank you for giving it and I am happy to be on my way as a used car dealer to all that take it. Congratulations on your great journey from Anthony Fisher.
Anthony Fisher
Akron, Ohio

Thank You for this online training course, very helpful information, I’m excited to move forward.
Edward Hostetler
Millersburg, Ohio

This course was very helpful and informational! I love how you could pause in between and come back when needed I feel nothing was left out and very confident about my journey thank you!
Taylor Owens
Elyria, Ohio

It covered everything about the business to the smallest detail. Very helpful I am so glad I did it online
Bassam Kheralla
Cleveland, Ohio

Charles Fullman
Cincinnati, Ohio

I found the course to be full of easy to follow, valuable information. The manual is also very helpful. This makes becoming a dealer an easier process and I have no doubt the information will be referred to often.
South Salem, Ohio

Straight forward course, thorough. 6 hours flew by. Very informative!
Canton, Ohio

The training is very great. The instructor is an awesome teacher. You could see he is well versed in the course and knows what he is talking about.
Addae Mensah
Columbus, Ohio

I took the dealer training class at another Ohio facility. Unfortunately, I unintentionally let the process of obtaining my license expire due to family illness. This class is much more informative then my previous one. I recommend this dealer class training.
Daccarette Marie Thomas
Orchid Lake, Ohio

The online course was excellent, easy to follow with the manual I printed out I would definitely recommend it whom ever interested in this particular course
Cleveland, Ohio

Very educational program, most importantly I feel more confident in moving forward with opening my dealership.
Rolando Salazar
Columbus, Ohio

My second time in class and it’s the second time in my life to stay awake for 6 hours in a class. Twice.
Steven L Heckman
Trotwood, Ohio

Very educational program, most importantly I feel more confident in moving forward with opening my dealership.
Rolando Salazar
Columbus, Ohio

Having owned a training company for over 10 years, and conducting training for over 20 years, I have to say this class was very well done. The instructor is very clear and easy to understand. He has just enough energy to keep you engaged without being over the top. I would definitely recommend this training and look forward to owning my own car dealership with the guidance of this course. Thank you very much for the excellent learning experience.
Jason Keller
Granville, Ohio

I highly recommend this class. Very information if you are interested in starting your own business selling cars. The instructor walks you right through everything you nee to know and answers any questions accordingly.
Alison Cassano
Grove City, Ohio

This class was amazing. I have really learned how to take my business to another level as well as secure my company. I really recommend this class to anyone looking to expand in the automotive field.
Michael L Griffin
Cincinnati, Ohio

After taking your class and receiving your handbook, I feel confident in receiving my license on the first go around.
I also learned alot of small details I wouldn't have if I not gone through your class. Thank you.
Scott Toth
S&S Auto
Geneva, Ohio

Learned alot! I think EVERY dealer, even grandfathered ones should HAVE to take this class.
Robert Neff
Dayton, Ohio

Very impressed, not sure how he does it. LOL. Very good instructor, very informative.
This process should have been done years ago. Thank you for providing this service. Respectively,
Angelo Sfennazza
Williamsburg, OH

Very Interesting & Informative. Great Teacher & Speaker
Marianne McWilliams
Parma, Ohio

I got a lot of information from Delus Johnson, he made this very easy for me. If I could I would rate him a 10. Thanks so much.
Darlene Weaver
Walking 2 Rolling Auto
Cincinnati, Ohio

Excellent instructor. Explained the material very well. Answered questions. Good job!
Kasun Mallikarachchige
Baltimore, Ohio

The course was very informative and thorough. It was definitely worth my time. Thank you.
Adam T West
New Concord, Ohio

The instructor was very informed with the laws and requirements and also polite and honest with his words. Thanks very much, I learned a whole lot of things I haven't heard of and would recommend others to this class.
Alisa Essex
Hamilton, Ohio

I really had a great time here today. The presenter was well informed and very professional. It was a great 6 hour learning experience.
Recommend strongly to everyone wants to open a used dealership.
Wesley Han
Cincinnati, OH

I would recommend this class to anyone looking to take the dealer class.
Monjed Humeidan
Mid Ohio Truck Sales
Columbus, OH

Not to often am I focused in a classroom surrounding etc. Delus Johnson was very good on keeping my attention, so with that being said Thank you, I have took a lot with me out the door of this class on how to get started and what to and not do.
Liz Hayslip
West Union, Ohio

Mr. Johnson's class was very informative. He explained everything so it was understandable. Step by step, I highly advise anybody wanting to open a new business, to attend this class.
Ross Contipelli
Cleveland, Ohio

Very informative.
Brandy Burt
Youngstown, Ohio

I thought it was a very interesting class. I learned more in class than I ever knew being a dealer 12 years ago.
Howard Gentry
West Carrollton, Ohio

The instructor did such a great job! Clearly explained all the required topics and steps that would help me to become a dealer. A dealer that knows all the regulations and rules and who'll be able to avoid fines and keep their license.
Yelena Yapina
Loveland, OH

I'm glad this class was created.
Michael Donley
Youngstown, Ohio

Feel confident to start my business.... I have the info I need.
Brian Kyle
Cleveland, OH

Very good course. Instructor was organized and knowledgable. As a CPA, I can say that just about every topic required to start a business was covered. Rules and Regulation specific to being a used car dealer were covered very well and in depth.
Great Class!
Jeffery Piotroski
Geneva, Ohio

Lots of good material, fast pace, great job covering some fairly complex requirements in short time.
Thomas Meyer
Ottawa, Ohio

Great class, was a breeze, time went by learning great tips and information about becoming a dealer.
Would recommend it.
Herbert Christian III
Zanesville, OH

A must have course for new dealers! Very informative.
Ritesh Kunvarji
Hamilton, Ohio

Very informative, would be very difficult to figure out on your own.
Herbert Graham
Sardinia, Ohio

As a former boardroom level executive assigned to chair an industry speakers bureau in the context of a coastal metroplex of over a million people in the 1990's...allow me to express my shock and awe that our presenter was able to clearly cover such a huge body of knowledge, expertly, in the 6 1/2 hour course duration.
Loren Francis Jr
Covington, Ohio

Great Class. Delus was a wealth of knowledge. Appreciate his expertise. Thanks.
Robert Gerwin
Camp Safety Inc
Cincinnati, Ohio

The instructor was very informative, I feel that I am prepared to begin my business of selling used vehicles after attending the class.
Oscar Jones
Nottingham Auto
Maple Heights, Ohio

Delus Johnson is an outstanding instructor & was very informative about the industry & applicable laws. It was an honor & privilege being able to take part in your well prepared & informative class.
Joseph McGrath
Majestic Heavy Equipment
Parma, Ohio

Worth every penny. Well instructed.
Alan Hale
Iberea, Ohio

Been in the business for 22 years, opening our 2nd store and I still learned something new today.
Awesome Job! Blessings,
Thomas Woolley
Salem, OH

The course was very informative. I understood all that we covered. Great job and thank you.
Joyce Alexander
Piqua, Ohio

You did a fantastic job. Your energy and positive attitude toward the industry and the material you covered was very inspiring to enter the industry. I also feel you had our best interests in mind for us and for the laws soverning us. Well done!
Kevin Dick
Cincinnati, Ohio

This is my first time getting into car dealer business, and for $249 this is the best investment for a start up like me which is buying a existing business, lots of info and can not be cheated by anyone or waste Money on attorney and other place to learn the process. This is very improtant and for every business type state need to mandate this kind of course This is the best 6 hour spent and i like the quiz part too, keep you focus.
Bhavesh Patel
Mason, Ohio

Great class. I learned alot.
Darin Marr
Gallipolis, Ohio

Dealer class was great. It's hard to keep my attention, but I feel I didn't miss a beat.
Answered all of my questions before I got to ask them.
Robert Biron
Hillsboro, Ohio

Fast paced, very informational, could tell the instructor throroughly knew the material.
Ryan Craig
Wooster, OH

Recommend this class, very informative even if you have prior auto dealer background.
Tina Delprincipe
Williamsfield, OH

It was a very enriching session. We went through the entire sections. Excellent presentation and speaker.
Mohamed Aittaleb
Cincinnati, Ohio

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