Ohio Dealer Course Videos

License Instructions

This video covers every
single step involved
in the Ohio dealer
licensing process in
great detail


Dealer Application

This video will show 
you how to complete the
entire 6 pages of an
OH dealer license
application correctly


Dealer Software

Learn about
Ohio Dealer
software that can
simplify the operation
of your dealership.

Free Trial

License Suspensions

This video explains how to
operate your dealership with
ethical standards, how to
avoid dealer license suspensions,
and your dealer insurance.


The Dealer Portal

You will learn how
to maintain dealership records
and how to operate your new
business entirely online by 
using the Ohio Dealer Portal.



You will learn the process of
how to license your salespersons,
how to obtain your free Federal
Employment Number, and
your Vendor License Number


The Deal & Sales Tax

This training video will
explain every step of "The Deal",
 you will learn how to complete
a title as a dealer, and how
to easily charge sales tax


Sales Tax Reports

Ohio dealers must
be aware of the easy
sales tax report you will
file to report the sales tax
you have collected. It's Easy!


Salvage Titles

You must learn how to
identify vehicles with damage
history BEFORE entering any
any dealer auction. Title searches
& more forms are in this video


Dealer Plates & Tags

The State of Ohio has strict
guidlines on how to use your
dealer license plates and
temporary tags. You will
learn how here. Very Easy!



If you offer financing in
your dealership you will
sell many more vehicles.
Your dealer course will show
Ohio & Federal laws.


Doc Fees & Exports

You will learn how to
legally charge document fees,
advertise vehicles, &
export vehicles to other
countries by exporting



The Federal Trade Commission
has guidelines every dealer
Ohio must follow. Buyers Guides
and Red Flags Rule are
covered in your dealer course.



You will learn how to
use the National Motor Vehicle
Title Information Sytem and how
to report all the cash you receive
to the Internal Revenue Service


Hiring Employees

Ohio dealers will learn
how to report new hires
and pay correct wages to
avoid fines from the State
This video shows you how!


Dealer Checklists

The video goes over
your dealer application
checklist, the required deal
documents list, and the
chronological licensing steps.


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