Federal Dealer Laws to be followed in Ohio

Not only are you required to follow state dealer laws that come out of Columbus but you will be required to follow Federal laws that come out of Washington. There are many Federal laws that must be followed and we  will cover these extensively in your class.

Dealers in Ohio that are not following Federal dealer laws face extensive Federal fines if these laws are not being followed.

The Federal Trade Commission has Federal inspectors that come out of Washington DC to ensure Ohio dealers are following Federal laws. We will cover these Federal laws in your dealer training course to ensure you don't recieve Federal fines. It is easy to follow these Federal laws, you just have to be aware of them.

Your dealer class instructor will cover many of the Federal laws that affect the operation of an Ohio dealership in the State mandated dealer training class. You will be ready to follow all State dealer laws along with all Federal laws when you complete your training.

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Learn how Federal dealer laws affect the operation of your Ohio dealer lot!