Ohio Business Gateway

The Ohio Business Gateway is an easy to use system that will allow you to quickly and easily enter information about the sales tax you have collected from your customer to the State of Ohio. You could telefile as a second choice but the Ohio Tax Division prefers it done online. To telefile you can call 1-800-697-0440. The easiest and preferred method is to log your sales tax online through the Ohio Business Gateway.

Before you begin logging your sales tax collections with the State of Ohio you will need to create a business account with the Ohio Business Gateway. We will cover this process in your dealer license class.

You will go through a two-part process, where you will first create the OBG Company Account and then you will create your OBG Username. Be sure to have your Federal Tax Identification number handy as it will be required to create your account.

Once you have created your Ohio Business Gateway account you will be able to easily log your sales tax collections through this user friendly system.

We will take you through the entire sales tax logging procedure in a dealer class near you.

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Ohio Business Gateway access is explained in license class!

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