Ohio Dealer Ethics & Integrity

Dealer Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and integrity are the most important component in the operation of an Ohio Dealership.

When you obtain your Ohio dealer license you will be expected to operate under the highest ethical standards. The Ohio BMV Dealer Licensing Section has zero tolerance for any type of unethical sales activity. If you are aware of a vehicle malfunction, you must disclose it in writing or you could have your dealer license suspended or revoked.

If you are aware of a mechanical defect on a vehicle and you do not disclose it, you are breaking multiple Ohio and Federal laws.

Ohio dealers are also expected to follow all rules, laws, and guidelines. The Ohio BMV requires all Ohio dealer to operate under all laws at all times. 100 percent compliance is expected.

You will also soon learn that Ohio dealers with the best reputations have the highest profits. A customer will actually trust more of an investment with you, the honest dealer, than the crooked dealer down the street so you can actually ask  more for your vehicles, which leads to higher dealer profits.

By operating an honest dealership you will probably never face a license suspension from the State of Ohio as well. License suspensions can be a costly, time consuming experience that could lead to one or more visits to the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board in Columbus.

It is recommended when you sell a vehicle to look the customer straight in the eye and tell them all the problems you are aware of, for example you might say something like "This car was pulling the right on the highway the other day when I was test driving it, it is also making a little noise when I hit the brakes. I want you to also be aware there is some rust back here on the back fender."

By disclosing everything you know about the vehicle before the test drive on every vehicle, you will begin building your credible reputation as an Ohio dealer.

Operating ethically and honestly will lead you to never having your Ohio Dealers License suspended.

Being completely honest with your customers is a win-win situation. It will lead to the best reputation in your area, you'll have the highest profits, and you will keep your dealers license for many, many years.

You will learn about ethics, integrity, and compliance in your Ohio dealer license class.