Ohio Used Dealer License Application Form BMV 4320

Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Application Form BMV 4320

You must complete this form correctly to ensure your license application is processed in the most timely manor. For further instructions on how to complete your Ohio dealer application you can view the instructions below. We will complete the Ohio used dealer license application in it's entirety in your dealer class.

Ohio Used Dealer License Application Instructions:

• The first box is to be left blank and is for BMV use only.

• The next box allows you to check whether or not you, or your spouse is a military veteran. This allows for quicker dealer license application process. If yes, be sure to include you or your spouse’s DD 214 or military ID for verification.

• Place your initials here to state that you have attended the required dealer educational course. All persons apply for an Ohio used dealer license will be required to attend the dealer training. We will provide the required dealer educational course provider number in you dealer license class.

• Initial here to verify you are aware that any local zoning requirements supersede state regulations. Ohio dealer lots must meet all local zoning requirements, evidence must be presented upon request. The BMV requires all dealers to meet local zoning laws.

• Initial here to verify you have completed I-9 Employment Verification form. This form ensures all persons on the dealer application and all future employees are eligible to work in the US. Ohio dealership are only allowed to hire workers that are legally able to work in the United States.

• Indicate the type of vehicles you will be selling. Check only one.

• If you are selling mainly motorcycles, off highway motorcycles, or APV’s select the size of dealer plate you are ordering.

• Record your dealership contact information. Be sure to use your exact business name on your dealer license application and include business telephone number, alternative number, and email address so the BMV may contact you if necessary. The dealer licensing section must be notified is this information is changed.

• Include Federal Employee Tax Id Number and Ohio Vendors number. We will show you how to easily obtain your FEIN and Ohio Vendor Number in your dealer license class.

• Include registered trade name or “doing business as” this will be the name that is displayed on your dealership business sign along with the exact business name registered with Secretary of State. We will discuss state filings in your class. You will be ready to apply for your Ohio dealer license as soon as you complete the training.

• Include your official hours of operation. Your dealership must be staffed during your hours of operation. These hours must match the hours that are posted on your hours of operation sign at the dealership. If you ever change your hours of operation you must notify the BMV in writing. You will be aware of staffing requirements after the course.

• Select whether you are a Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Limited Liability, Partnership, Business Trust, or Other registered entity. Be sure to obtain legal or tax advice which business entity is best for the operations of your dealership as your choice will affect your and tax liabilities. If you select “Other Registered Entity” you must also include a copy that has been filed with the Ohio Secretary of State.

• Be sure to list corporation names first, then federal tax id numbers, then addresses. You will learn exactly how to complete this section correctly in the dealer training.

• Include principal owner name or corporate name first, then list all other owner/partners, including their title, social security number/Federal Employment Number, telephone number, and percent of ownership interest. The total interest ownership of all owners must equal 100%. Be sure to check whether or not the fingerprints have been completed. If you have more than 4 owners you must include a separate sheet of paper including the additional owners.

• Select if business has a net worth of at least $75,000. A net worth of $75,000 must be maintained during the entire licensure period. The BMV could request documentation, such as a financial disclosure statement, at any time to prove the net worth of $75,000 is being maintained.

• Select whether or not your name or any owner is included under another motor vehicle entity. The BMV wants to know if you or any other partners has an ownership intersest in another Ohio dealership or motor vehicle business entity.

• Select whether you or any owner have previously applied for any type of Ohio motor vehicle dealer’s license. Complete below or include additional information on another sheet of paper.

• Select whether you or any owner have ever had a dealer’s license suspended or revoked in the past.

• Select whether you or any owner have been convicted of a felony in the last 10 years.

• Select whether you or any owner have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor offense involving selling motor vehicles. If yes you must provide the charge you were convicted of, a summary of the charges, the true bill indictment, and the courts journal entry showing final disposition of the conviction.

• Select whether you or any owner has ever had a civil judgment rendered due to odometer tampering or failing to provide accurate odometer disclosure.

• Select whether you or any owner has ever had a civil judgement rendered that resulted from a transaction of business as a motor vehicle dealer. If yes include date of civil judgement, court case number, court jurisdiction, and the courts final journal entry showing disposition of judgement.

• Select whether you have a lot with at least 3500 square feet or, for dealers with no more than 10 retail vehicles for sale, sufficient space for vehicles held for resale. Check Yes on one and No on the other. You must have a hard surface and some type of permanent separation display lot from any other business and customer parking.

• You must check the business is only being used for selling vehicles.

• Select whether the business is separated with a permanent physical barrier from any other unrelated business or residence. The dealership must be separte from any other business.

• Select whether the business location was ever used as a licensed motor vehicle dealership in the past.

• Select whether you will be sharing this building with another licensed motor vehicle dealer.

• Select if you have an office with at least 180 square feet that is at the display lot and kept in an orderly fashion. Also confirm that you have a desk, three chairs, filing cabinet, adequate lighting, electric service, ventilation, and heating.

• Then check that you have a proper sign.

• Select if you have an expanded display lot. The expanded display lot must be no more than 200 feet from the dealership right of way, must be at least 2000 square feet in size, must have a sign with the identical dealership name in 6 inch or larger letter size. All sales transactions must take place at the licensed business building and
never at the expanded lot. Off site sales activity could lead to the suspension of your dealer license. We will cover this requirement in your dealer training.

• Dealership Business Affirmation-Initial to ensure you will adhere to all provisions listed and that you will continue to remain in compliance during the entire licensure period. Failure may result in suspension or revocation.

• All records of sales transactions, mileage disclosure statesments, or temporary tag records, (if applicable), will be maintained for three years and available upon request of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or their authorized agents. Electronic title application records and most Federal forms will be required to be kept a minimum of 5 years and must be produced during any BMV records inspection.

• The dealer permit will be posted in a conspicuous place and a current list of all licensed Ohio salespersons will be available upon request.

• The business hours will be maintained and legibly posted in a conspicuous place near the entrance of the office.

• The office will be staffed by an owner, partner, or licensed salesperson during the posted business hours for the entire time of the license is held. Failure to staff the dealership during the posted hours of operation could lead to suspension or revocation of the license

• A business telephone will be in service at all times and answered in the dealership's name. Business telephone must be in place of public view

• Photographs required at time of application. Be sure to include all required photographs or your dealer license approval could see a significant delay.

• Photograph of the display lot of at least 3500 square feet or for dealers that never have more than 10 vehicles for retail sale, a photo  of the lot that has sufficient space for all vehicles held for resale. Wholesale vehicles must be kept separate from retail vehicles.

• Photograph of the separation from another business and/or residence.The building and lot must be physically separated from all other businesses or residences

• Photograph of inside and outside of office, the sign with the business name, the posted busines hours, the posted telephone number, and the expanded display lot if applicable

• You may enclose your photos in your dealer application packet or you may email your photos to the Dealer Licensing Section. Photos can be mailed or emailed to dealerphotos@dps.ohio.gov

Ohio Used Dealer License Application