Ohio Dealers License Class Reviews-Page 5

Extremely Professional Presentation. Thanks so much!
Diane Lucinda Woodruft
Youngstown, OH

Great job. Really liked when you gave real world examples of things discussed during the class. This helped understand the concepts much better.
Tyler Haehn
Lake Placid, Ohio

Very informative. It will help us in our new venture.
Rick Rosenberger
Cincinnati, Ohio

Seyed Ali Nasehi
Syrus Auto Sales
Dayton, Ohio

This was a very great dealer training course!
Dwain Summerville JR
Cleveland, OH

Fast paced, full of info. I appreciate the emphasis on legal roles and regs.
David Nichols
Cincinnati, Ohio

Class was very informative and full of useful information. Delus was extremely knowledgeable.
Robert Burdue
Sandusky, Ohio

Great course, lots of information.
Daissy Sanz
Fairfield, Ohio

Very detailed and informative
Excellent knowledge base to teach class
Efficient and helpful
Necessary to get started and properly run the business
Kathryn Ruscher
Cincinnati, Ohio

It was highly educative and eye opener on the do's and dont's of dealership business.
Festus O Bolarinde
Cincinnati, Ohio

The gentleman was pleasant and very informative.
The instructor explained everything that a 2 year old could understand.
Martine Wright
Cleveland, OH

Desmond Norvell

The class was very informative and has helped me understand the laws for selling automobiles.
Todd Donohue
Galipolis, Ohio

Was very informative & helpful. Great Instructor. Didn't waste time.
David Mihalick
Columbus, Ohio

Class was very helpful in understanding what needs to be done to get your lot going.
Corey Grice
Cincinnati, Ohio

Instructor did a good job covering a lot of material in six hours. Many of my questions regarding starting a dealership were answered. I wouldn't want to have tried to navigate the process without having this training.
James Varner
Warren, Ohio

The dealer training is well informative and its commendable that the dealer board enacted a law that makes it mandatory to take the class before getting a dealers license.
Oluwafemi Sanyaolu
Euclid, Ohio

Beneficial. Informative. The information pondered is very useful. Great for any dealer starting up.
Esse Munobe
Columbus, Ohio

I really liked the class. It was alot of things he went over I never knew.
James Owens
Mr. Owens Car Sales
Holland, Ohio

The instructor was very informative, patient, answered all questions.
I would definitely recomment this course!
Venus Boyd
Cleveland, OH

Learned alot
William Cowan
Doubletime Leasing & Sales
Boardman, Ohio

Teacher of the class was very thorough with all the information the dealers book, the class was excellent
David Pinciaro
Dynamic Motors
Youngstown, Ohio

Jerome Woods
Boardman, Ohio

Quick and to the point. Learned alot. Thank you.
Mykola Valko
Parma, Ohio

Jason Wolfe
Mount Vernon, Ohio

Very helpful. Very informative. I believe the course is helping me to start in the right direction.
Anthony Cunningham
Akron, Ohio

Very energetic. Made the class very easy.
Quinton Coleman
Urbana, Ohio

Explained everything good. Got right to the point.
Dustin Barker
Chillicothe, Ohio

GREAT! Class was great. Delus moved at nice speed & covered everything.
Robert Gillispie
West Carrllton, Ohio

He is very good.
Maher Alhasoun
Habibi Motors
Dayton, Ohio

That was a very interesting class. Thanks.
Abdelilah Ezzahi
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thank you. Very informative.
Sara Holmquist
Johnstown, Ohio

No complaints. Done very well.
Gary Tremaine
Moraine, Ohio

Lots of good info in quick time.
John Brown
Dayton, Ohio

Class was very helpful. Alot of information.
Qiana Shaw
Campbell, Ohio

Great Course!!!
Michael Phillips
Blanchester, Ohio

Great Job
Curtis Jenkins
Cleveland, Ohio

Alot of information, very quick presentation, very informative.
C. Jeff Meyer
Ottawa, Ohio

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