Ohio Dealers License Class Reviews-Page 9

The information given today was very good and will help on suceed in the car business.
The instructor knows alot about what he is teaching.
Michael Kpademba
Columbus, OH

Very efficient, clear and thorough delivery of required information. I recommend this dealer course.
Keva Brice
Cincinnati, Ohio

Very insightful
To the point
Learned alot of information
Will recommend others to take this course
Walter Steele
Miamisburg, OH

Very knowledgeable instructor. Gets through the course quickly and thoroughly.
Mitchell Stuckert

Mr. Johnson is a great guy.
Billy Dean
Cincinnati, Ohio

Loved the teacher he was awesome… Class was very educational and very easy to understand. Would definitely recommend.
Jodi Lorena Valdez-Romero
Cincinnati, Ohio

I thought I would go to sleep and not be really into it but he did a wonderful job. I’ll recommend the class to others if he is teaching.
Daryl Foster
Dayton, Ohio

Learned a lot in the class that I had no idea that existed. The instructor way very knowledgeable about everything. The handbook is a great guide to refer back to. Keep up the great work.
Matthew Dooley
Potsdam, Ohio

Great Class: Delus Does Great Explaining & Keeping Things Moving. A Lot of Info. Learned A lot About A Lot of Things That I Had No Idea About
Max Guillozet

The class is very helpful. He explained everything very well and answered any questions anyone had.
Allison Little
Dayton, Ohio

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