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Learned everything, and then some, to open & run my motorcycle dealership! Thank you,
Daniel Alexander
Streetsboro, OH

Very informative, cleared up a lot of unanswered questions.
Seth Orr
Barberton, OH

Excellent Training Course
Gwen Stutler
Diamond, OH

I really liked your examples you used to help illustrate how to stay compliant with a license.
Gary Brewer
Columbus, OH

Delus Johnson has answered every question quickly but very descriptively as possible. Great energy came from him also. He made sure to inform us (the class) that the IRS is nothing to play with.
Kkori Flint
Columbus, OH

I have been in the industry for a handful of years. This gave me some really good insight on how to keep everything accurate for the business. Thank you!
Brian Hartney
Powell, OH

This class was very beneficial in giving me the knowledge to be in compliance with all the State and Federal laws. I feel I am better prepared to move forward with my plans.
James Meyer
Hamilton, OH

I was impressed with how fast this course seemed to have went by. Very well organized dealer training class.
Sherry Stanford
Englewood, OH

Great course!
Michael Gibson
Englewood, OH

Good information especially for starting a new business!
Stephanie Piper
Celina, OH

I recommend all dealers take the class.
Aaron Dorsey
Englewood, OH

This was a wonderful class I’ve learned so much I recommend all dealers to attend the class.
Jesus Perez
Bronx, OH

I was very satisfied with the class and instructor. Keep the good work, very detailed info that will help me in my future business.
C. Dawacia Muldeen

Awesome Class, would recommend for even existing dealers.
Paul Sciarrino
Painesville, OH

Packed with useful info, enjoyed the fast pace of the class.
Derek Yoesting
Zanesfield, OH

Instructor knows “EVERYTHING” in regards to sales laws and overall success in the industry. He takes pride in having a good dealer reputation, and is very encouraging for student to hold the same high standard. Answers questions and very polite! Great instructor.
Ayeisha Swanson
Columbus, OH

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