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The class was very informative on how to become a dealer. The presenter did a great job of explaining the process and flowed through the course efficiently. Great job!
Michael Weaver
Dayton, Ohio

A complete course, with great insight on how to start and maintain your dealership.
Josh Bloomfield
Lima, Ohio

*Very Good Teacher
*A lot of info in a short manor
*Definitely worth every penny
Robert Miller
Dundee, OH

I was thinking this would be a waste of time but it was very helpful to me and the future of my new business.
Ziyad Abu Humoss
Toledo, Ohio

The Ohio Dealers Class was very informative. I enjoyed the instructor as we was very pleasant and direct.
Amanda Bush
Cincinnati, Ohio

Was very throrough and I appreciated the notebook of class notes.
Alyssa Mrus
Warren, OH

Wonderful instructor, made time go by, very knowledgable and helpful.
Heather Savage
Vandalia, Ohio

Easy to follow, very informative dealer license course.
James Jacobs
Dayton, OH

I really loved the dealer class, it went really fast and he was a very good teacher.
Lolita Frazier
Cleveland, Ohio

Very good class, went over everthing in detail. Highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to become a dealer.
Chad Green
Ray, OH

Delus answered all my questions and I feel more prepared to invest in my new business.
Brian Lebowitz
Willowick, Ohio

Very knowledgable, very easy to understand, step by step process easy to follow.
Steven Campbell
Williamsburg, OH

Great dealer class, very informative.
Richard DuBaj
Warren, Ohio

Excellent, great info, excellent presenter.
Milen Dindic
Dayton, OH

I would definitely recommend this class to any future salepeople at my dealership.
Shawn Greenaway
Willowick, Ohio

A must have course for new dealers. Very informative.
Ritesh Kunvarji
Hamilton, OH

Wonderful and detailed information, outstanding presentation.
Creston Tarrant
Toledo, OH

The training started right on time. It was so interesting and educative. I learned alot form the instructor. Very good teacher. I love him!
Okechukwu Friday Ezeliora
Beaver Creek, Ohio

This class was very helpful and detailed. It gave me more than enough information on how to start and operate a dealership.
Edward Brown
Cincinnati, OH

The instructor was very informative, patient, answered all questions. I would definately recommend this class.
Venus Boyd
Cleveland, Ohio

Quick, easy to understand, right to the point.
I would recommend this class for dealers.
Michelle Franco
Warren, OH

I think the dealer course is very useful, the teacher is very nice and patient. He told us everything we wanted to know.
Zhuopeng Li
Oxford, Ohio

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