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Fantastic course. Highly recommended to anyone interested in obtaining a dealers license.
Bryce Devore
Pickerington, Ohio

“Some things are worth it” Cpl M. H. Veal
Melroy Cort
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Great class, very informative information. I feel very prepared for success with a dealer license.
Jerry Exon
Dayton, Ohio

-Lots of energy
-I feel the information was clear & precise
-Today was powerful due to the knowledge. I would never have known if this class was not performed
Angela Decker
Heath, Ohio

This class was great for starting a dealership. I was able to find out a lot of new information & it was very helpful.
James Randolph
Bedford, Ohio

It was very knowledgeable and well explained.
Learned more then I thought I would
Recommend for everyone going into the dealership business
Bryan Buonocure
Barberton, Ohio

Great class. Good info. Will recommend class for all wanting to start a dealership.
James Williams
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Very informative and much needed for people new to the car business.
Great Speaker.
Joseph Siler
Miller City, Ohio

Amazing class to take for anyone looking to get into the business.
Daniel Musa
Hudson, Ohio

Outstanding training. I would recommend this class to everyone, who wants to start a care dealership.
Tom Gyeszat
Litchfield, Ohio

Very informative, Great presentation, fast paced. Glad I was required to attend to apply for my license.
Matthew Termes

Learned alot. Appreciate everything that was said and this will help with my business venture.
Elvis Sims
Akron, Ohio

Really enjoyed taking time out to attend. Mr. Johnson was very clear and patient with teaching the class. I would like to thank him for his time.
Randolph Jackson

Very informative. All valuable information that will be very useful in both obtaining your dealer license and for success in the future. You mad the class easy and no just a boring walk through. I would recommend this class.
Thomas Jones
Youngstown, Ohio

Very good class. I learned a lot from the class. I recommend this class to everybody that wants to get into the business.
Kenneth Williams
Cleveland, Ohio

Very educational, lovely guy, fast & friendly. You won’t regret taking class.
Demetria Adams
Akron, Ohio

Class flowed right along. What I thought was going to be a long day went by very quick.
Ryan Lew

Excellent Course Coverage and Instruction
Lance Johnson
Uniontown, Ohio

Very educative and I encourage every dealer to attend.
Richard Addo
Holland, Ohio

The class was very helpful and I learned a lot about a car dealership license. The instructor did a great job of explaining every policy in detail.
Frank Howell
Fairfield, Ohio

Very concise and informative class. The instructor knew and presented the material very well and answered questions from the class.
Darryl Thomas
Dayton, Ohio

Great speaker, very informative. Class goes very fast. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable.
John Weyland

Trainer gave thorough explanation of information. Also, the manual given is going to be a great reference for everyday business. I feel confident that having this guidance will be successful. Thank you.
Katrina Hillard
Franklin, Ohio

Very informative. Learned a lot that I did not know before. Now I feel confident about helping my dealers with compliance and laws. Thank you for letting me sit in.
Amy Thornton
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Inspector (criminal investigator)

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