Ohio Dealer License Plates

When you are granted an Ohio dealers license you will be issued Ohio dealer license plates that you may place on vehicles that you are holding for resale.

As an Ohio used motor vehicle dealer you will be issued dealer license plates, often referred to as dealer tags. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section has strict standards you must abide by in order to keep your dealer license plates and you must ensure your dealer license plates are being used correctly.

As an Ohio used motor vehicle dealer you will be required to obtain at least one dealer license plate. You may order additional plates but are limited to the plates you can possess based upon previous year sales.

To order additional or replacement plates you may call the dealer licensing section to request that either application be mailed to the dealership or you may visit the dealer licensing website and log into the dealer online services.

In your Ohio dealer training class your instructor will inform you on proper dealer license plate guidelines. The State of Ohio have very strict guidelines to follow regarding the use of your dealer license plates. When you leave your dealer class you will know exactly what is allowed and what is not allowed regarding your dealer plate usage.

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Ohio Dealer License Plate guidelines are covered in the Ohio dealer class!