Ohio Dealer Portal

The Ohio Dealer Licensing Section has set up a very user friendly online licensing system called the Dealer Portal.

After your receive your dealer license you will be able to log onto the Ohio dealer portal to renew your dealer license, renew your dealer plates,  renew your Ohio salesperson licenses, terminate salesperson licenses.

When you become a dealer you will also be able to conduct an Out of State inspection on vehicles with out of state titles that you take possession of. This simple process will be required when you are transferring an out of state title to an Ohio title that you can resell. We will cover this process in your dealer class. When you are licensed you can download the Out of State inspection form from the dealer portal as well.

The Ohio dealer portal will also allow you to order temporary tags, report each temporary tag you sell, and review your temporary tag sales.

The portal will also allow you to update any contact information so the Dealer Licensing Section will always have your latest contact information.

In order to use the Ohio dealer portal you will need to set one primary owner as the administrator to the system.

We will walk you step by step through this process in your dealer class. When you leave class you will be able to easily access the dealer portal to make the operation of your dealership much easier.

When you leave your Ohio dealer class you will know how to access the Ohio dealer portal.