Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board

The Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealers Board conducts hearings regarding the issuance, suspension, or revocation of Ohio dealer licenses. They also interpret Ohio motor vehicle dealer laws and create new rules.

The Board consists of 11 members and they meet about every 2 months in Columbus.

If your dealer’s license, or a salesperson’s license, has been denied, suspended, or revoked, you may file an appeal with the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board will then review your appeal and set up a time for you or an attorney to testify in front of the Board in Columbus.

The Ohio Motor Vehicle Board also reviews Ohio's Administrative Code every 5 years to implement new rules for Ohio dealers.

We will give you a great overview of how the Board operates when you take your dealer training.

Understanding how the Board operates will be very beneficial when you become a licensed Ohio dealer.

You will learn about the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board very soon.