Ohio Odometer Laws

Federal and Ohio law requires you to state the mileage of any vehicle sold at the time of the sale of a vehicle. Federal law exempts vehicles over ten years of age, HOWEVER, Ohio requires mileage reporting on EVERY vehicle regardless of age, with the exception of any vehicle with a gross weight of more than 16,000 pounds.

Many Ohio Clerk of Court offices have their own odometer disclosure statement they prefer you to use. After you are granted your dealer license be sure to contact your local Clerk of Court office to find out if they have a specific county odometer disclosure statement or if you can use the Ohio odometer disclosure statement.

When you suspect an odometer has rolled over, for example, you have a vehicle with an odometer that reads 17,000 miles but you suspect the true mileage to read 117,000 or maybe 217,000 miles but the odometer only has 5 digits, you must mark “Mileage in excess of mechanical limits” on the back of the title. This box can only be checked with a 5 digit odometer.

If an odometer is broken, inoperable, or has been replaced you must check the box on the back of the title that reads “WARNING Odometer reading may not be actual.

Ohio Odometer Tampering Laws

You will also learn about several Ohio odometer tampering laws that must also be followed.

Your Ohio dealer license class instrutor will show you how to comply with Ohio odometer laws.