Ohio Online Dealer Education Course

Ohio Online Used Dealer License Training Course

The Ohio Online Used Dealer License Training Course is appoved by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section and will meet your mandatory dealer license training requirement so you may obtain an Ohio used motor vehicle license. The class takes a little over 6 hours and you may take the entire class at one time, or you may start and stop the class at your conveniance. When you take a break from the dealer training course our state of the art learning management system will take you right back to where you left off so you may resume the dealer license course.

If you have ever watched a youtube video, you will easily be able to take the online course. Onces you have watched all 6 hours your official BMV APPROVED Certificate of Completion will automatically pop up on your screen and you can submit it with your Ohio dealer license application. The Certificate of Completion will show the State of Ohio that you have completed your training so you may apply for your Ohio Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License.

If you have any questions before the dealer license course, during the dealer course, or after the dealer training course you can call us at 800-369-2467 or drop an email to info@ohiodealer.com

Thank you very much for considering the Automobile Dealer Training Association as your Ohio Dealer License Training Partner.