Ohio Temporary Tags for Dealers

An Ohio used motor vehicle dealer is allowed to issue a temporary tag on a vehicle sold by your dealership. A temporary tag allows your customer to drive the vehicle “temporarily” until such time, the title is received for permanent plates to be purchased. You must follow several strict guidelines before ever placing a temporary tag on any vehicle sold by your dealership.

You may only place a temporary tag on a vehicle that is sold by your dealership and may only be placed on a vehicle when the customer does not have license plates to transfer. The customer must sign a document stating they did not have a license plate to transfer before placing the temporary tag on the vehicle.

You must keep an accurate log of temporary tags that are used by your dealership and must notify the Dealer Licensing Section when you sell a temporary tag.

You will learn how to apply for a temporary tag in your dealer class. You will also learn how to log your temporary tags and complete them correctly.

The BMV Dealer Licensing Section has strict guidelines that must be followed when placing a temporary tag on a vehicle or the State may not allow you to order temporary tags in the future.

We will cover the proper use of Ohio temporary tags extensively in your dealer training class.

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Ohio Dealer License Plate guidelines are covered in the Ohio dealer class!