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Very informative and I’m leaving today with everything and confidence I think I’ll need to be successful in used car business.
Michael Cunningham
Fairborn, OH

Great information, presented in a manner that was easy to follow.
Richard Edwards
Dayton, OH

Delus was knowledgeable, entertaining and made the class go by quickly. I appreciate the thoroughness and materials to take home. Thank you.
Stephan Charault

Helpful and useful. Would recommend regardless.
Shane Beers
Akron, OH

I think this class was very resourceful, great instructor, learned a lot of very important small details that can save me a lot of money. Would I recommend? Yes!
Delores Arrington
Cleveland, OH

The class was really helpful. I think I am ready to run a car lot now.
Mark Parker
Dayton, OH

Great job presenting. Kept up your end of training, go us out on time. Thank you.
Greg Young, OH

Great class, important info, well needed.
Jerry Exon
Dayton, OH

1} Great management of time and extremely thorough
2} Great speaker and energetic
3} Training manual is key to help navigate decisions
Robert Myers
Cincinnati, OH

Very professional and informative, would highly recommend class to anyone looking to obtain a dealers license
Richard Tinsley
Cincinnati, OH

Fast paced, Very informative. A great head start on opening a used car dealership.
Don Gatliff, OH

Teacher/Instructor has excellent communication skills. Very passionate about teaching & keeping the class on the right track. I also fee that he gave each & every one of us the confidence we need to succeed. Thank you very much it definitely a class I highly recommend. I learned a lot today. Thank you very much.
Mack Adams
Hillsboro, OH

Fantastic Job. Did an amazing job presenting the information on all topics on operating a used car dealership.
Jared Kortsen
Galion, OH

Excellent Course. Been in car business for 6+ years & still learned a lot.
Jason Albertini
Vandalia, OH

Great information and excellent trainer! I loved this course. Great Job!!
Cindy Felix
Columbus, OH

I had a great time, found out a lot about becoming a dealer, the teacher was great, got straight to the point on all things we must know to get a license. Thanks for the info.
Duane Ford
Bedfore, OH

This class was very helpful for gaining a dealers license. I got a lot out of this class.
Tiara Garrett
Warren, OH

This was a great class. I learned a lot of important things that I will need to know when conducting business as a dealer.
Peter D Ealum

(Perfect Course)
Karis Franklin

-The class was very informative
-Very knowledgeable instructor
DaRell Amara
Cleveland, OH

Excellent Teaching Very easy to follow along. The instructor made everything understandable to get license.
Anthony Miller
Sugarcreek, OH

Great overview of the step by step toward legitimate automotive vehicle business. A lot of regulation but course simplified it for me as a new dealer license applicant. Thank you Delus!
Randall Harow

The class showed me a lot of useful information about staring and achieving my goal. Was the best six hours I had to learn about a car dealership and running my business from the ground up.
Khiry Pierce
Youngstown, OH

The course was extremely informative. Every aspect of the business was taught. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, well versed, and pleasant. The atmosphere was conducive for training/learning. Everything taught was needed. The class time was good for materials presented.
Laveta Steele
South Euclid, OH

The class was great! I learned important information to jump start my business. The instructor did a really good job!
Lula Gordon
Akron, OH

Course was great value
A must before you open your dealership
Great Information
Henry Diorio
Uniontown, OH

Very informative, Good Job. Everything was explained in detail. Enjoyed this learning experience.
Jonathon Diorio
Uniontown, OH

Very well speaker
Covered everything
Answered all questions with honesty
Cody Bolyard
Uniontown, OH

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