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Highly recommend, very informative, instructor is very knowledgeable, of ALL information needed for my dealership.
Everest Anozie
Euclid, Ohio

Very informative course for dealers. I appreciated how seemingly all bases were thoroughly covered in order to ensure not only compliance, but also ensure successful dealership operations.
Adrian Thompson
Bedford Heights, Ohio

Great class. Delus was friendly, knowledgeable, and kept my attention. Thanks Delus!
Christopher Bell
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

The teacher is great teacher and is running the dealers class in a great manner.
Morace Williams
Garfield Heights, Ohio

The teacher is awesome. He made me understand a whole lot of things. I am more equipped now than ever. He is awesome.
Lawrence Nwoyeocha
Trotwood, Ohio

Very professional speaker, good information, exactly what we need to get a dealership started.
Austin A Wojey
Georgetown, Ohio

A fast way to cover the stuff. Thanks Delus.
Caleb Keller
Millersburg, Ohio

The dealers class was awesome and definitely needed. Instructor was awesome.
Tameka Chambers
Akron, Ohio

Anybody that is serious in obtaining a car dealership, it is a great idea to take this class. Very informative.
Ezzat Angart
Canton, Ohio

It was nice and you were very nice and explained everything perfectly. Everything about the class was nice and spoken so well.
KiAnn Craiter

Course was very informative. Was dreading sitting in a class for 6 hours but the instructor was able to keep my attention and teach me different parts of the car business.
Tim Thacker

This class for dealers was very informative, the teacher was awesome and made sure that we understood very clearly the rules and regulations that are required. I would highly recommend this class and wish there were more trainings available and he was a great teacher. Thanks again,
Deniece Overton
Toledo, Ohio

Instructor was very knowledgeable. It was a well repaired class. Wealth of information to run a successful dealership.
Benjamin Mitchell
Toledo, Ohio

Excellent course, very informing and helpful dealers class.
Alena Fuller
Euclid, Ohio

-Incredibly informative
-Speaker extremely knowledgeable
-I’m much more comfortable with moving forward to obtain dealer license
Mark Pellegrino
Uniontown, Ohio

Great Course. 40 years a dealer, 6 years since. Learned A Lot!
Richard Saltzman

Didn’t know much about what it would take to get started. Feel better about what I need to do. Worth $250. Fast paced and engaging.
Scott Schoellkopf

It was a great experience. Very knowledgeable instructor, with very valuable information.
Sajad Abed
Dayton, Ohio

I love the class. It is very educative. I learned a lot about dealerships and buying of vehicles.
Okechukena Friday Ezeliora
Dayton, Ohio

Even being a prior dealer, this class has been very informative and had information I wasn’t even aware of. This class has provided a lot of great resources for dealers. Thank you.
Rebecca Parker
Cincinnati, Ohio

I was always thinking the dealer course was a waste of time. But today after taking this class, I found out that I didn’t know anything about cars and I needed this class. Thank you very much.
Mohammad Althalidi
Cincinnati, Ohio

Very informative. Learned a lot that I did not know before. Now I feel confident about helping my dealers with compliance and laws. Thank you for letting me sit in.
Amy Thornton
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Inspector (criminal investigator)

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