Ohio Dealers License Class Reviews-Page 4

Abundant amount of profitable information.
Alexander Robinson

Class was very informative in such a short time. Class when smoothly and the teacher was great, very easy to understand and comprehend.
Ashley Turner
Columbus, Ohio

Extremely helpful. The information I recieved today will go along way in helping me get our business started.
Melissa Neal
Columbus, OH

Fantastic. Quick paced and very informative. Covered a good amout of material quickly and efficiently. Gives you a good basis to begin your used car dealership.
Jamie Rowley
Troy, Ohio

Excellent presentation. Well spoken and informative.
Clayton Calvert
Mason, Ohio

Highly Recommend!
William Delprincipe
Williamsfield, OH

Wonderful and detailed information, outstanding presentation!
Creston Tarrant
Toledo, Ohio

Very good class.
Great Instructor.
Very well put together class.
Jeremy Shortridge
Portsmouth, Ohio

The class was very good.
Everett Elliot
Hillsboro, OH

This class really helped me out alot.
Dwayne Thomas
Garfield Heights, Ohio

I found this course educational and enjoyed learning new things.
LaQuetta Patterson
Euclid, OH

Great Teacher. Answered all questions with poise.
Anton Schaffe
Cincinnati, Ohio

I learned more than I thought I would be available. Mr. Johnson instructed the class very well and shared information I will use in the future.
Chrissy Gabbard
Middletown, OH

Instructor had great energy.
Matt Blatnik
Painesville, Ohio

Very informational and useful course.
Darrion J Smith
Cleveland, OH

Great! Very kind and knowledgable instructor.
Amy Calvert
Mason, OH

Very helpful tips and information given.
Jasmine Evans
Wheeling, West Virginia

The course was very helpful. Alot of good info.
Stephen Lee Gibson JR
Willard, Ohio

Good stuff! Thorough, Knowledgeable, good intro to business and nice "Starter Pack" of info.
Like a "How to Guide"
Darin Winterbothan
Waynesville, OH

Very informative class. Instructor was very knowledgeable.
David Mihalick
Elyria, Ohio

Very well presented and I learned many things I did not know. Instructor taught very well.
Calvin Roberts
Akron, OH

Very informative. I think with all the required info the instructor did a fantastic job getting through it.
Ashley Hensley
Goshen, Ohio

This class gave me some new insight about some things that I did not know.
Good class.
Karl Seals
Cleveland, OH

Very informative class
Lots of valuable information
Delus is very educated in this business, and answered all my questions and concerns.
Anthony Wayne
Ravenna, Ohio

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