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Excellent presentation and time well used.
Richard Johnson Jr
Blue Ash, Ohio

Thank you for everything. Great class and training. Highly Recommended.
Cherrelle Jones
Dayton, Ohio

This course for dealers was a wealth of useful knowledge for my new business venture. It allows a prospective new dealers to be informed with the laws and knowledge. We need to be successful and compliant.
Antinia Chandler
Amelia, Ohio

This is the second time I have been to this class. I love the way he teaches. I didn’t want to take the class a second time but he really gives you what you need to start your own car business. Delus, Thank you. He takes this job very serious, never stops giving information, doesn’t stop straight through, makes it easy to deal with a long, drawn out class, it was great.
Laverne Simms
Cleveland, Ohio

The course is thorough and efficient. No time is wasted and if you have zero prior knowledge, this is the ONE dealer class to attend.

Very, very informative information. I’m glad the State has these classes in order to apply for a dealer license.
Reginald Coby
Cleveland, Ohio

Great Class, No Time Wasted!! Very easy to follow along and understand.
Morad Fares
Bellevue, Ohio

Trainer was Excellent!! Covered whole book and kept our attention while doing it.
Curtis B Hall Jr
Cleveland, Ohio

Instructor took time to clearly outline all requirements to obtain an Ohio dealers license. Very informative, easy to understand, great instructor.
Ian Robbins
Elyria, Ohio

I think the class was very informative and easy going. The facilitator provided us with a lot of information and gave us additional information to further assist us with managing a successful dealership.
Taisha Brown
Cleveland, Ohio

I think it was very helpful. It was interesting and I learned a lot. I have so much faith after the class then I had before I came into class. He really breaks down everything for you and makes sure you understand the process of opening a dealership.
Shadonna Battle
Cleveland, Ohio

This class was very helpful. I recommend this class to anyone opening a used car lot or that has been in the car lot business for a long time. I know there is a lot of used car lot dealers that should take this class. The instructor was very helpful. Great Class!!!
Osama Iwas
Cleveland, Ohio

Great class. 6 hours flew by. Very knowledgeable and well spoken.
Trisha Stefanitsis
Pickerington, Ohio

Not too long, great explanatory teacher. Great start for a dealership.
Jasmine Billingsley
Euclid, Ohio

The training was well delivered and very informative. I believe that running my dealership will be much easier due to the education and remaining compliant will be easier as well.
Jeffery Sanfillio Jr
Cleveland, Ohio

Delus Johnson laid it out! From start to finish he covered every step to obtain a dealers license and remain in compliance. Very knowledgeable.
Jeremy Park
Monroe, Ohio

Great high speed dealer training that’s very understandable. Feel very confident about starting my first business venture. Thank you!
Jeremy Reeder
Cleveland, Ohio

Awesome presentation. Easy to follow and understand. For sure NOT a waste of time.
Steve Heidlebauch
Findlay, Ohio

My second time in class and it’s the second time in my life to stay awake for 6 hours in a class. Twice.
Steven L Heckman
Trotwood, Ohio

I have been to several classes and this is by far the most informative. Proctor was very knowledgeable.
Kevin Stewart
Cincinnati, Ohio

Very informative and thorough. Would highly recommend this class.
Austin Gregory
Hamilton, Ohio

This class was very informative and highly recommended.
Raymond Ennin
Columbus, Ohio

Great Course! Good for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge on the car buying experience.
Clive Ennin
Columbus, Ohio

Enjoyed the class
Very informative
Class went by quickly
Nice guy Delus
Tanesha Steward
Bedford Heights, Ohio

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