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I found the dealer course to be full of good information as well as guidance for a successful dealership.
Lance Alspaugh
Lancaster, Ohio

Trainer was Excellent!! Covered whole book and kept our attention while doing it.
Curtis B Hall Jr
Cleveland, Ohio

Quick and straight to the point. Good Job!
Charles Turnbough
Toledo, Ohio

Great dealer class. I really learned alot of good information.
Tami Sullivan
Glenco Equipment Company
Worthington, Ohio

Very helpful on questions regarding the start of my new business operations.
Marguerite West
Mansfield, OH

Very informative
Great presenter/presentation
Provided answers to all questions asked
Phitsamay Singnysane Talley
Columbus, Ohio

The instructor gave a clear presentation of the material. Great Job!
Ricki Berry
Beli & Berry's Auto
Toledo, OH

Lots of information. Very well presented. Good interaction with students.
Steve Janka
Fleet 1 Automotive
Vanwert, OH

Great course! Well designed and executed.
Nathan Johnson
Columbus, Ohio

Very informative, I would recommend this class....
Margaret Tarrant
Toledo, OH

Great Class!
Kirk Green II
Toledo, Ohio

Very informative. Was definitely the righ choice for me beings I am going to open my own dealership. Woulw recommend to anyone with an interest in this field.
Robert Lutz
Outlaws Auto
Salem, Ohio

The dealer class was very educational. The information recieved was great.
Instructor was prompt and explained everything in detail.
Tameka Leonard
Euclid, OH

Lots of valuble information in a short time. Very informative.
Great guy for presentation.
Delwyn Smith
Elida, Ohio

Very well put together presentation. Along with the license training manual, I feel I can be successful.
Joel Lawson
Kitsmiller Motors
Washington, OH

I really loved the class. It went really fast and he was a very good teacher.
Lolita Frazier
Cleveland, Ohio

Great dealer class. Very well detailed course. Great instructor. Keep it up.
Jalen Rich
Campbell, OH

Very informative, great presentation, answered all my questions.
Frank Wertenbach
Hubbard, Ohio

It was a great class. I am glad I attended.
Kevin Barnhart
North Lima, OH

Delus answered all of my questions and I feel more prepared to invest in my new business.
Brian Lebowitz
Willowick, Ohio

Our instructor was great and had great energy.
Fatmeh Eidi
Hubbard, OH

Very, very good instructor, clear understanding when talking, NOT BORING AT ALL...
Thadley Doe
Tiffin, Ohio

Well put together class, good info. Got more from this class than expected.
Mark Hoffman
Cleves, Ohio

Everything was great. I have got a lot of information which I need. Thank you,
Olzhas Akrleuov
Loveland, Ohio

Been a dealer several times, class was very educational, alot of good information.
Rod Creighton
Cincinnati, OH

Great course. Went through all information very thoroughly. Answered all questions.
Dean Miller
Columbus, Ohio

A very professional presentation, very informative, answered alot of questions.
Frank Slapnicker
Chesterfield, OH

I learned alot. Class answered all my unanswered questions about having a dealership.
Cody Chapman
Lancaster, OH

Mr. Johnson was very direct and straight to the point. I learned alot.
DeAnn Thomas
Cleveland, Ohio

Great job, very clear, very knowledgable.
Nicholas Hitt
West Chester, OH

Very helpful dealer class. Will definitely help me in the future.
Jose Vera
Florence, Kentucky

Very explanatory class and helpful to learning.
Learned alot, Great Job!
Marc Spillman
Brookpark, Ohio

Great Class.
Aaron Cosgrove
Columbus, OH

Ease of Understanding-Great
Gerald Horak
Flitzen Motors
Norton, OH

Very well presented and broken down so everyone understands correctly.
Trevaun Lee
Cleveland, Ohio

Course was very informative and interesting. Excellent dealer seminars!
Brandon Smith
Cleveland, Ohio

Made things easy to understand. Worth the time and money spent.
Joseph Horak
Norton, Ohio

Excellent, very worth coming.
Ryan Knuckles
Bellville, OH

Excellent dealer training.
Clarence Flowers
Cleveland, Ohio

Answered alot of questions that I wasn't sure about. I'm sure I will be able to use alot of this info in the future.
Samuel Kirk
Zanesville, Ohio

Great dealer class. Learned alot. Outlined everything I need to know. What to do and what not to do.
Richard Kassar
Cincinnati, OH

Durwick Coney
Fairfield, Ohio

The course is very informative.
Tamrat Abebe
Canal Winchester, OH

Very informative and a must for anyone starting an Ohio used car dealership.
Sher Mohammed
Alliance, Ohio

Very helpful. Not sure how businesses did all this without attending a class. Great Job!
John Valko
Boston Heights, Ohio

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