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Feeling much better about my career change choice. The class was very informative & pleased that I chose this class! Instructor was great.
Michael Lester
Fredricktown, Ohio

This is the second time I have been to this class. I love the way he teaches. I didn’t want to take the class a second time but he really gives you what you need to start your own car business. Delus, Thank you. He takes this job very serious, never stops giving information, doesn’t stop straight through, makes it easy to deal with a long, drawn out class, it was great.
Laverne Simms
Cleveland, Ohio

Class is very helpful. Glad to have taken it. Instructor was very good Á helpful. Very good at speaking and teaching.
Foster Parsons
Grove City, Ohio

Class was very informative, fast paced, and well appreciated.
Mike Kraguljac
Cleveland, Ohio

I learned so much today about running an auto dealership, alot of things I never heard of, the speaker did a wonderful job.
Thank you so much.
Ronald Lawson
Lorain, OH

Very thorough & efficient class, covered whole book and stayed focused.
Nathan Brosius
Mentor, Ohio

1. It was great and thorough.
2. Found lot of good information.
3. Study guide plus explanation great.
4. Go answer for all questions.
5. Instructor is very informative.
Anwer Latif
Streetsboro, Ohio

I think he did a great job and went in great detail with everthing!!!
Dwayne Nabors
Mansfield, Ohio

Very, very interesting. Alot of info, I wish I had a class like this before I started my business.
Josh Fisher
Fishers Shop Inc
Xenia, Ohio

Nice training session. Very informative.
Olagoke Olakanmi
Cleves, Ohio

I feel the course was very informative. It was set up in a way that made it easy to retain information.
The presentation was very good.
Melvin Jones
Cleveland, OH

It was very well explained and actually went quick. Not as boring as expected.
Larry Smith
Massillon, Ohio

Great job, learned alot.
Alex Velez
Glove City, Ohio

This was a very informative dealer training class. The information given to me was very clear. Any questions that I had were answered clearly.
Veronica Lunsford
Amelia, Ohio

Fell confident and well informed about the car dealing business.
DeAndre Goolsby
Prime Motors LLC
Cleveland, Ohio

It was very useful......the instructor was very intelligent and knew what he was talking about. I think all future dealers should take this course.
Charles Williamson
Toledo, Ohio

I'm very happy to have attended the class. It answered every question I had and made me feel confident about moving forward. The instructor did an excellent job.
Nicholas Corp
Creston, Ohio

Great presentation, very easy to understand.
Michael Wasihun
Kettering, Ohio

Well planned.
Joe Hiltner
Euclid, Ohio

I am greatful for the thorough dealer training and information I received from the instructor.
Mark Silva
Silva Auto Inc
Lindsey, Ohio

Great job.
Michael Molnar
Amherst, Ohio

Thank you, really good course.
Arthur Yarovytsky
Willoughby, Ohio

Very informative and very professional. God Bless!
Michael Kovacich
North Lima, Ohio

Very informative class. A bit of information to cover. Instructor did a very well with the information for the time frame given. Talkative and asked lots of questions.
Shirley Prunier
Cincinnati, Ohio

Class was very helpful in organizing what to do first when starting a car business.
Jonathan Williams
Cleveland, OH

This class is very helpful. I learned alot aobut the dealer license. I am glad that I did this class.
Narendra Patel
New Richmond, Ohio

The dealer course was great. It gave a great start to a good career.
Leroy Mitchell
Parma, Ohio

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