Ohio Used Dealer License Application

You may download the Ohio BMV 4320 here!

You must complete the application correctly to ensure you are granted your Ohio dealers license as soon as possible. Below you will find some instructions below however we will complete every part of the dealer application in your training course to ensure you are completing the license application correctly.

We will take you step by step through the application to ensure it is correct.

You may click here for full instructions on how to complete the Ohio used dealer license application.

• Leave the first box blank.
• Be sure to include you or your spouse’s DD 214 or military ID for verification
• Place your initials here to state that you have attended the required dealer license educational course.  For a schedule of dealer license courses througout Ohio, click here. Include course completion date and the course provider number which are provided in the dealer license class
• Initial here to verify you are aware that any local zoning requirements supersede state regulations. You must meet all local zoning requirements to obtain your Ohio dealer license
• Initial here to verify you have completed I-9 Employment Verification form We will cover in class
• We also will explain this in your dealer license class
• Select the size of dealer plate you are ordering
• Record your dealership contact information. Be sure to use your exact business name and include business telephone number, alternative number, and
email address so the BMV Dealers Licensing Section may contact you if necessary. Be sure this information is accurate.
• We will show you how to apply for these numbers in your class
• List registered trade name or “doing business as”
• We will cover hours in your class
• Be sure to obtain legal or tax advice which business entity is best for the operations of your dealership as your choice will affect your and tax liabilities.
• We will cover the corporations boxes in your dealer class to ensure they are being completed correctly
• Enter whether or not your name or any owner is included under another motor vehicle entity such as another Ohio dealer license or out of state dealers license
• Enter whether you  have previously applied for any type of Ohio motor vehicle dealer’s license. Ohio wants to know if you have already applied for a dealer license
• Enter whether you or any owner have ever had an Ohio dealer’s license suspended or revoked in the past
• Enter whether you or any owner has ever had a civil judgement rendered that resulted from a transaction of business as a motor vehicle dealer.
• Enter whether an unrelated business will operate out of this building. We will cover this in class as well
• Enter whether you will be sharing this building with another licensed motor vehicle dealer. If yes, you must also include form BMV 4347
• Enter whether the business location was ever used as a licensed motor vehicle dealership in the past. This helps the BMV determine the location
• We will cover your office requirements in greater detail in the dealer class
• We will discuss the expanded display lot in your Ohio dealer license class

• Initial you are aware an inspection will be conducted by a BMV Investigator personnel very soon after you receive your license. We will go over your lot inspection in class so you will be ready

We will complete an Ohio Used Dealer License Application Form BMV 4320 in your OH dealer class.

If you have questions on how to gain your Ohio dealers license, call us at 800-369-2467. GOOD LUCK!